Sunday, August 17, 2008

Unfortunate (and dumb) comments from the High Sheriff; plus PROOF that Brazoria County GOING TO HELL

Sometimes it's better just to say nothing.

We refer you to the story in the local paper about Brazoria County patrol sergeant Charles Bankston Jr., who has been charged with attempted indecency with a child by contact.

No specific details about the case are forthcoming yet, and we will respect the notion that all criminal defendants are innocent until proven guiltly, but it'd be better, we think, if county sheriff Charlie Wagner (pictured above right) didn't extoll the professional virtues of an officer who's accused to such a serious crime.

Writes local reporter John Tompkins:

Wagner said Saturday he was shocked to hear about the charge filed on his patrol sergeant, a man he knew from birth.

“Definitely very surprised,” Wagner said. Bankston is, “a very good officer.”

Wagner worked as an officer at the Freeport Police Department alongside Bankston’s late father, who served as chief before retiring in 1993.

“I was there the day he was born,” Wagner said of Bankston Jr. “Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my career.”

The arrest also has been difficult on sheriff’s deputies who knew the younger Bankston well, Wagner said.

“This is extremely hard on us,” he said.

"Hard on us"??

What about the victim?

Somehow, we hope, our county law enforcement officers will get through this crisis. Let's just hope that post traumatic stress disorder won't be a problem in the future.

Meanwhile, yes, we think that it's official now -- BRAZORIA COUNTY HAS GONE TO HELL.


The county clerk, Joyce Hudman (pictured, below left), has come forward to tell the DA that she, too, was the victim of an unwanted sexual advance from County Court at Law Judge James Blackstock, who was charged last week with 14 counts of official oppression for allegedly grabbing, kissing, feeling up and sending nasty pictures to three female county employees.

(Blackstock has been suspended with pay by the state judicial authorities while the case is pending.)

Two other women, besides Hudman, also told the DA that Blackstock made unwanted sexual advances on them.

But the Hudman angle is the big twist as she's a county-wide elected official.


Here's the FULL STORY, once again from reporter Tompkins of The Facts news daily.

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Harley The Hog said...

Oink! Oink!

Can we just give up Brazoria County north of 518 to Harris County including these dysfunctional nuts and those like them (both alleged victim and perpetrator)? This is more the norm there day to day.

I know, it's a lot of tax money income. Harley out in the Palmettos south of Chocolate.