Thursday, August 14, 2008

The annals of the Brazoria County judiciary and Judge James Blackstock

Judge James Blackstock.

What can you say?

One thing about the local paper's otherwise good coverage of his Big Problem.

Why are they calling the email pics Blackstock allegedly sent to three underling female employees "pornographic."

Apparently, the pics are of vaginas and breasts and some guy doing something (exactly what we're not sure) but are they, by definition, "pornographic"?

That's a matter for "community standards," right? What we need is a full-blown trial to see what exactly Brazoria County's community standards are! Uh, never mind.

Course, if Blackstock did send those images to female coworkers, he's shouldn't have done that and, pretty much by definition, that's sexual harassment.

In addition, he shouldn't have been all handsy and kissy-face with the women if they weren't into it, and since he's a married man whose wife, by all accounts, is a nice lady who teaches school to young kids comin' up in the world. Poor woman.

So Blackstock's in some deep doo-doo and DA Jerri Yenne's got him by the shorthairs, it would appear. Allegedly.

I did a blog post on the deal for Hair Balls, the main blog these days for The Houston Press.

Banjo says check it out if you want.


Swearengen said...

Never had to appear before Blackstock, or be on his jury, but I've heard he wasn't very much fun.

Appeared before Germany when he was on the bench, and was very impressed. He was a hard-ass but ended on a rather comical note, and gave me one HELL of a break.

Appeared before Sebesta and he was pretty strict. Looked me in the eye and made things very clear, but gave me a chance to put things right. I took his advice, and think overall he gave me a fair shake. Enough so that I'll vote for him again.

Had to be on a jury in Mill's courtroom, and that couldn't have been a better experience. She treated us like royalty, even taking me down personally to a restricted smoke break area when the court reporter was still out to lunch. We were on a lunch break during deliberation and both back early. I think she treated us better than the lawyers in the room, for sure. I'm not sure how I'd feel though if were on the other side of that jury box!

Can't wait to see how this Blackstock thing shakes out. Ought to be pretty damn interesting.


Swearengen said...

BTW - both those forced appearances were for non-violent crimes. I haven't been caught cutting throats or feeding any dead bodies to Mr. Wu's pigs.