Monday, August 18, 2008

Attention all you MSM haters ...

Mainstream Media haters out there in Bloggerville could really have something that'll stick in their craw if a scenario envision by Alan D. Mutter comes to pass.

Mutter, who writes the informative Reflections of a Newsosaur blog, suggests that funds operated by foreign countries could step in to buy a batch of American newspapers that have been put up for sale if no apparent buyers are on the horizon in the USA, the cradle of the world's "free press."

Mutter could see a sovereign nations fund from, say, the United Arab Emirates or Singapore buying daily papers in San Diego, Newark, Chicago and Austin, partly to exert some of their special brand of commercial and political influence in the Land of the Free.

Wonder if Abu Dhabi would keep John Kelso at the American-Statesman.

And what comic strips would they not "get" ?


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Jim said...

Hey, Banjo, Mike McGuff is linking to you today. (And does anybody really "get" Nancy?)