Tuesday, August 19, 2008


(A fairly regular feature of the Brazosport News provided from a reader in St. Louis, MO)

"Messi and Ronaldinho, former Barcelona teammates, shared a moment after the game, but it's clear whose stock is higher now. Argentina heads to the final against Nigeria. Should be super. I don't know who I'd want to be less right now: Dunga, the Brazilian coach who will have to answer for this, or Belgium, which gets an embarrassed Brazil in the bronze-medal game."
*- Andrew Das in the NY Times, 8.19.08, after Argentina beat Brazil 3-0 Tuesday

"My first nonfiction book, 'The Onion Field' brought me three lawsuits. One of them lasted 12 years. Think of that. Children grow up....Guess who paid for that law suit. My publisher and I split it down the middle. These contingency lawyers * they're garden slugs and boll weevils. You can't get rid of them. Where is Agent Orange when you really need it? These guys are everywhere. We have 25,000 lawyers in L.A. County. If we adopted the British system, all these cotingency lawyers that keep spewing out of law schools would have to go do something they're qualified for, like selling aluminum siding in Indiana or Veg-O-Matics on TV."
* Joseph Wambaugh quoted in the book "The Journalist and the Murderer" by Janet Malcolm (1990)

"I masturbate a lot."
*- Ernest Borgnine, 91, when asked the secret to his long life on Fox & Friends last week

"This is what we got. This is what we use."
* parent of city public school chld on KSDK news last night, when asked if he might send his child to another school

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