Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Letter to the Editor: we're too negative


First of all, I enjoy most of your blog, but why are you always so down on Brazoria County officials? Most of what you write is derrogitory about about the great county I grew up in and have come to love. Everytime I read your blog it is talking about how there is crooked politicians or about the slogans that our cities use for there marketing. I truely believe that a MAJORITY of our elected officials have the citizens best interest at heart. I am from Alvin and if you had any idea of our city officials agenda, then you'd leave our county officials alone. Most of the county officials (not all) mean well.

Why don't you blog about something positive? If Brazoria County is so bad then you should move out of the county and write about the new place that you move to. I hear Houston still has some room! I am very proud of our county Sheriff's Department. They risk their lives every day for just over minimum wage pay.

Please post something positive about our county government or run for office yourself and fix it.

Chris Owens
Proud Brazoria Cointy Resident

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

SOS, Banjo.

You nail somebody who has power to do something to fix problems with the truth, and you get "Well, if it's so bad why don't you move."

You point out the corruption and over-authoritianism of our local laws, and you get, "Well, but they work cheap."

Kiss my ass.