Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Handsy judge just wanted a hug?

A possible defense strategy has emerged in the criminal case against Brazoria County Judge James Blackstock, accused of sexually harassing female employees.

He's a hugger.

When you think about, it just might work because, after all, couldn't we all use more hugs these days?

Blackstock, 61, has been silent since being suspended with pay last week after 14 counts of official oppression were filed against him by three employees. Three other women later said they also were subjected to unwanted sexual advances by Blackstock.

His lawyer, though, explained to a Brazosport reporter yesterday that Blackstock often hugs women he works with at the Angleton courthouse.

“It’s not necessarily meant to be offensive. Sometimes it’s misinterpreted.”

There is a possible stumbling block to the "I need a hug" defense strategy. None of the women complained about being hugged. They are more pissed off about being kissed and having their boobs and asses grabbed by the burly judge, unless we are misinterpreting something.


Anonymous said...

OK - that's pretty good. What about if you hump on their leg while you are getting the hug? Does that negate the "hugger" category?


Anonymous said...

Sounds as lame as the "wide stance" defense.