Monday, December 24, 2007

"Top Ten Least Popular Holiday TV Specials"

10. "Mugging On 34th Street"
- Mike M., Wonder Lake, IL

9. "Gift Wrapping With The Stars"
- TJ L., Racine, WI

8. "Donald Trump's Holiday Combovers"
- Jeffrey W., Roscoe, NY

7. "Hillary Clinton in 'Pantsuits of Christmas Past'"
- James B., Mt. Ida, AR

6. "The 75th Annual Leaving of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Out On The Curb"
- Richard F., Saint Mays, CA

5. "That's Hot: Paris Hilton Tells The Story Of The Yule Log"
- Christine N., Del Mar, CA

4. "Pamela Anderson Celebrates 'The Twelve Days of Marriage'"
- Vern P., Gainesville, VA

3. "Larry Craig's Tappin' New Year's Eve"
- Anne S., Seattle, WA

2. "Michael Vick in 'Snoopy's Last Christmas'"
- Greg F., Columbia, SC

1. "Rudolph, The Performance-Enhanced Reindeer"
- Mark L., Kansas City, MO

As submitted by viewers of Dave Letterman.

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