Sunday, December 23, 2007

We think Ron Paul will go indy

We were the first, we are fairly sure, to predict Ron Paul, our congressman, would run for the presidency of the USA.

This prediction was made in the last sentence of an April 8, 2006, post wherein we reported the Congressman's fears that an American invasion of Iran appeared imminent. (See the post right here.)

Now we're ready to predict Dr. Paul will mount a third-party, independent candidacy for president once the Republican primary process is over.

We've been thinking this for some time, but haven't said anything.

But after watching our Favorite Son's appearance this morning on "Meet The Press," we decided it's time to make a public prediction.

At the end of the interview, Dr. Paul refused to say flatly he wouldn't run as a third-party candidate. This is the answer he always gives. The way he put it this time was something along the lines of "I have no intention of running etc., etc. "

This is the way we see it. Dr. Paul's having the time of his life running for president here in 2007-08. The deluge of campaign contributions via the Internet, along with the outpouring of funds to put aloft the Ron Paul Blimp and the purported support of TV celebs like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, has all got to be a hell of a cool thing for a 72-year-old politician who's never received this kind of attention and who's been consistently derided over the years as a kook by mainstream politicos.

On Sunday, answering questions from Russert, he appeared more at ease than we've ever seen him in a national interview setting.

So we figure he'll want to continue on this roll even after the Republicans decline to nominate him for the presidency.

And why not?

He can continue making his points during the general election and maybe get in on some of the presidential debates.

The guy's 72 years old. If he's a realist, he's gotta be thinking, "Hell, I could be dead in 4 years. I might as well go for the whole enchilada now."

Besides, it's not like he's worried about pissing off the Republican power structure. They already hate him as it is.

So that's the basis for our latest prediction.

And to that we say, Bully For You, Dr. Paul.


Anonymous said...

Banjo, let's see how he does in New Hampshire first. The Live Free or Die folks might just have some surprises ready for us.

Anonymous said...

Banjo, Reagan was within a month of 71 when he took office.

Although there is much to be said for youth when it comes to blind implementation like competition, sex and war, there is more to be said for the wisdom and courage of age and experience when there is no political reputation and ego to protect.

Paul was a "Reaganite" before Reagan became one, and remained one when Reagan compromised "Reaganism."

Anonymous said...

He's still not being mentioned as even in third place in the NH polls, so I have my doubts about any big shocks from the frozen north, but that's not why I'm commenting: I have a question for Banjo.

Is it legal to use campaign money obtained in the GOP primary process in an Independent campaign?

Kevin Whited said...

This prediction was made in the last sentence of an April 8, 2006, post wherein we reported the Congressman's fears that an American invasion of Iran appeared imminent. (See the post right here.)

Your own prediction turned out to be accurate. The Congressman's, not so much. But that's sort of the fun of the wacky Congressman -- he says lots of good stuff, even if the predictions don't always pan out!

Banjo, do you get the sense that folks in the district might be tiring of his presidential run, or do you think it more likely that folks in the district aren't going to be impressed with Edd Hendee's efforts to engineer defeat of their longtime Congressman?

Banjo Jones said...

i'm not aware of any restrictions on the money raised for Paul should he decide to go third party, but i don't know a lot about campaign finance law. perhaps someone out there could enlighten us ....

Kevin, Ed Henlee can go soak his his, so far as the people I run with down here (and that's a very, very small circle of hermit-like people) ... My sense is the people here like Ron Paul cause they believe he's sincere and he provides good service to his constituents, even though they may not agree with some of his positions regarding the military industrial complex, Iraq, privacy, the Civil War and Austrian economic theory.

Merry Christmas to all!

Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

Indy, or Lib?

Depending on how muddled things are after Super Tuesday, I'm thinking he appoints himself GOP kingmaker.

It's not just his money but also his army of loons that the leader is going to want.