Monday, February 26, 2007

We're hypocrities

Says the man we've endorsed for the presidency, US Rep. Ron Paul.

He's speaking of our foreign policy, particularly as it applies to the Middle East, and including all the dough the USA shells out in foreign aid.

He writes in this week's newsletter:

The tired assertion that America "supports democracy" in the Middle East is increasingly transparent. It was false 50 years ago, when we supported and funded the hated Shah of Iran to prevent nationalization of Iranian oil, and it’s false today when we back an unelected military dictator in Pakistan- just to name two examples. If honest democratic elections were held throughout the Middle East tomorrow, many countries would elect religious fundamentalist leaders hostile to the United States. Cliché or not, the Arab Street really doesn’t like America, so we should stop the charade about democracy and start pursuing a coherent foreign policy that serves America’s long-term interests.


I am merely a simple blogkeeper, but four years ago, when the USA rolled into Baghdad, I remember thinking, "Arright, OK, well, now they're have an election and I guess since most of those people are Shiites, they're gonna elect Shiites and ... hey, wait a minute, aren't the Shiites the one's runnin' I-ran, and don't they hate us?"

It's really not all that complicated.


JD Allen said...

Yeah! He could run with a campaign slogan something like, "Why the Hell Not?" or "How Hard Could it Be?"

Wait a minute...

Banjo Jones said...

or start wearing a black cowboy hat? oh, yeah, been done ... maybe Doc Paul could start wearing a stethescope to visually separate himself from the pack ...

Mouth of the Yellow River said...

Ni Hao! Happy Year of the Pig!

Mr. Ron is "just what the doctor ordered" that I've seen on bumperstickers occasionally. But honesty and steadiness on one's platform is hard to swallow nowadays.

Compare him to the professional flip-floppers Bush, Clintons, Kerry and that ex-vice president that looked like a painted up inflated Joe Palooka doll in Hollywood the other night.