Monday, February 26, 2007

Could Dow buyout details be contained in latest Boy George recording?

Dow Chemical is rumored to be the target of a $54 billion leveraged buyout.

After the buyout, the company then would be broken up into pieces and sold, says the story in the Sunday Express, a British tabloid.

CBS Marketwatch dutifully picked up the story, but sort of pooh-poohed it, saying the Sunday Express is "not well-known for its mergers-and-acquisition coverage" and in fact had included a Culture Club compact disc in its latest edition.

Could there be a connection between the Dow buyout and the Culture Club CD (which we do not own as the local paper did not participate in the CD giveaway)???

We have the Culture Club LP on vinyl that included the hit "Karma Chameleon" but have paid scant attention to the band since the '80s, except when lead singer Boy George got arrested for dope. (Did you now he once guest-starred on an episode of TV's A Team?)

If anyone has the band's newest recording, please check it for hidden messages as they may relate to Dow, which, of course, is biggest employer here in the Petrochemical Underarm of Texas. Thanks for readin.

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