Friday, February 23, 2007

ConocoPhillips tops Enviro Scofflaw list

Word outta the state capital is that the ConocoPhillips Co. is this week's top corporate polluter of Brazoria County (TX).

For failing to report an emissions event, failing to submit initial notification within 24 hours after discovery of said event and failing to submit a final report two weeks after the event, the company, which operates a refinery out by Sweeny, gets penalized $25,662.

ConocoPhillips could have just as easily followed the state's rules and sent us a small percentage of that fine (just a taste, that's all we want) to our Pay Pal donation feature, located over in the right sidebar, and kept the majority of the penalty to throw a big Christmas party this year for the good people West o' the Brazos River, but NOOoooooo.

Link (see #10 under "Agreed Orders" of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality)

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