Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Caught on camera! Dennis Bonnen in a courtside seat at the big basketball game

Leading the fight against innoculating Texas girls against the human papillomavirus is exhausting (though politically exhilirating) work, so it was good to see State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, R-Angleton, relaxing courtside at the Longhorn-Aggie basketball game in Austin on Wednesday night.

Dressed in a university-neutral powder blue polo shirt, which appeared to be emblazoned with the State Seal, Bonnen is nothing if not politically savvy at these types of events.

While on camera, he could be seen stealing a subtle glance at the TV monitor that was positioned out of view in front of ESPN play-by-play man Ron Franklin.

Though he looked to be seated by UT partisans clad in their burnt orange attire, Bonnen appeared nervous and uncomfortable. His arm pits visibly moistened, and you could almost see the wheels turning. "I can't appear to be rooting for the Longhorns, even though my pals love The University. Maybe I should excuse myself, go take a leak. NO! That'll only draw attention to me, plus the timeout will be over soon, and I can't miss the end of this barnburner! Ok, ok, I'll just sit here quietly and pretend I don't know who these Orangebloods are next to me. Jesus, my district's crawling with Aggies! This could be disastrous!! I wonder if I have to put this primo ticket on my political contribution disclosure. Damn these complicated ethics rules! Damn them!!"

Soon enough, Bonnen's 20 to 30 seconds of TV face time were over, and UT went on to win in double overtime.

(By the way, Bonnen, at St. Edwards University alum, appeared as a guest recently on a New York City radio talk show to speak of the HPPV virus and all its attendant political fallout. It can be accessed on his home page.


JD Allen said...

Didya come up with a case of that flu-like stuff that's got people all around me in the bed all day, except, of course, when they're in the crapper?

I'm just waiting for it. Everybody in the extended family is already in the recovering phase, so I figure I can't be far behind.

Banjo Jones said...

no, not me, but a lotta people in my immediate proximity has succumbed ... i guess i just hit a blogging wall but i'll be back in due time ...