Monday, March 05, 2007

Bonnen to Freeport: "Blight me"

Our Man in Austin, State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, is from Angleton. Not exactly a "destination" city on the Texas Gulf Coast. Its tax base has suffered in recent years and it has its fair share of people in need of serious dental work. But it does have a tattoo parlor and a decent array of fast-food establishments.

But that's no reason to insult it in front of state lawmakers, is it? Would you do that if you represented the people of Angleton in the State Legislature?

So put yourself in the shoes of the people of Freeport. Yeah, it's pretty much of a shithole. It's surrounded by petrochemical facilities, it's downtown business area has surpassed The Last Picture Show status, since it doesn't have a picture show, and the city is divided over its elected leaders' use of eminent domain to build a marina for fancy yachts. In short, it's got problems.

But if you live there, of near there, you already know that. There's no need to use an official meeting of a state government committee as a bully pulpit to rub it in.

Yet, that's what State Rep. Bonnen did when he appeared before a state committee to call Freeport a "blighted city" and a "bully."

Now, why would he do that? Who's he carrying water for now? The answer is here, in a story in the local paper by John Tompkins, who seems to be a pretty good reporter based on our review of his recent journalistic endeavors.

'Course, Bonnen said he was sorry.

“Certainly, I would never intend to offend the residents of Freeport," he was quoted as saying.

I wonder what he did intend?

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Mouth of the Yellow River said...

Ni Hao, Banjo. Great Buddha!

Will you or MOTB please run and beat this guy out next term.