Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Regional Mexican music climbs to #1

KLTN-FM, the Univision-owned radio station that plays "regional Mexican music," has climbed to the top o the hill in the Houston-Galveston radio market, the seventh largest in the USA, the latest Arbitron ratings show.

Technically, KLTN remains in a statistical "dead heat" with KMJQ-FM, the adult contemporary station owned by Radio One, since both posted a 6.2.

But Arbiron listed KLTN first, so we're saying they won. It makes a better headline. And KMJQ was ahead of KLTN by two-tenths of a percentage point during the last ratings period, so the hip "adult urban contemporary" sound is slipping to the more upbeat, though sometimes sad, strains of regional Mexican music.

Stuck in 28th place is local know-it-all Charlie Pallilo and "Sports Animal" KBME-AM, which is adding more locally oriented programing to replace ESPN fare in a last-ditch attempt to attract sports listeners.

Sadly, we regret to report that KWWJ-AM in Baytown ("Keep Walkin With Jesus") has fallen off the Arbitron radar screen, so Pallilo and KBME can finally proclaim "victory" over one its rivals. Congrats, beasty boys.

(Here are the latest Arbitron numbers.)

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