Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kinky's mid-life crisis

Question: What do you do after you lose the Texas governor's race?

Answer: Run for president.

Richard Friedman has gone to the "Kinky for president" card.

You can buy the t-shirt here for only $20.

But if you've already committed to Newt, Rudy, McCain or Hillary, you can go with the "Independent Texan" model here. It features "the new symbol of Texas Independents" -- the armadillo (Zzzzzzz.) Again, only 20 bucks.

The old Kinky for governor stuff is all 60 percent off for the budget conscious.

We won't criticize Kinky for any of this. What else is he gonna do? He's clearly tired of writing those "mystery novels." Bought one at one of his Houston appearances; still haven't gotten around to reading it. (Still plowing through "The Starr Evidence," which includes the "complete text of the grand jury testimony of President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky." If that don't your blood pumpin, nothin will.

There's gotta be a Kinky witticisms/campaign trail book comin down the pike. And where's the documentary film of the wacky campaign? College lecture tour?

It's a Kinky cottage industry, folks. Go for it, Richard.

To paraphrase the Robert Earl Keen
tune, Kinky goes on forever and the campaign never ends.

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