Sunday, August 20, 2006

Take 1 one mayor, add 1 congressman, gently stir in one councilwoman, bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees, presto! Metro soooprise! Serves 1,000 or so

From afar, we watch the ongoing struggle over the route of Houston's new rail line with confusion and gratitude.

The confusion stems from the naive belief that it JUST CAN'T BE THIS COMPLICATED.

The gratitude enters when we thank our lucky stars we don't live in Houston.

The West University Examiner News gives us the latest glimpse into the "political tug-of-war" after its open records request to Metro yielded a few news nuggets.

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Kevin said...

All that good public information request work, and still no mention of the most concrete plan that involves elevating rail along Southwest Freeway (the one submitted to METRO by Ted Richardson, referred to in some early reports and then seemingly forgotten). Some of the bH commenters pointed out some flaws of the plan, but at least we've been discussing it. I don't know that a 59 EL is gonna work, though.