Saturday, August 19, 2006

Innovene releases big stinky fart

Innovene USA LLC really spit the bit earlier this month.

It's just now coming to light. Why it's taken so long to report this publicly, we have no idea. The emissions event over on "Chocolate Bayou" lasted from Aug. 1 to Aug. 8. And here it's almost September!

The tale of the emissions tape:

Butadiene, 1-3: 9,763 lbs.Butene: 5,734 lbs.,
Carbon Monoxide: 117,601 lbs.,
etc., etc, etc.

"Unit shutdown due to unexpected reduction in steam supply when a section of steam piping failed. Several key pieces of process equipment require steam for mechanical drive," Innovene says in its tardy report.

We just wonder if they waited til Saturday to post this stuff, thinking we're not watching. Fat Chance!
[emission event report]


Mouth of the Yellow River said...

Ni Hao! Kannichi Wa!
Mr. Banjo, I really appreciate your emissions reports and congratratulate you for it.
As a immigrant to the great third coast of America that accounts for so much of the countries petrochemicals, I have two questions as a novice.
First, are the flares we see in the night indicative of an "emission event"?
Second, is someone looking out for us like you are in respect to water emissions.
Domo Arrigato gozaimas! (with bow and head bump if too close!).

Banjo Jones said...

answer to 1st question is yes.

answer to 2nd question is i know of no one that blogs about water pollution events per se.

thanks for reading.

Mouth of the Yellow River said...

Ni Hao! Kannichi Wa!
Regarding the flares, doesn't that burn off the chemicals to CO2 and similar gases, or are the products of the burning still a concern?
Are the chemicals on the list you give emitted straight out into the air, or are they burned in a flare?

Banjo Jones said...

they're a concern to me and a few others, but not much to anyone else. the industry says the flares destroy an estimated 99 percent of the bad stuff in the emissions. beyond that, i couldn't say. i didn't even take high school chemistry. basically, i just report what industry is required to report to the state. so there must be some reason the state requires industry to report this shit. i guess i should have taken high school chemistry. maybe some of our readers more educated in the field can leave a comment or two.

thanks for reading.

JD Allen said...

The ideal result from your flare is the release, as you said, of only steam and CO2...

It got too long, Banjo. I'm taking it home in a doggie bag.