Monday, August 21, 2006

The lighter side of the Democratic Party's identity crisis in Brazoria County, TX

Two members of the Young Democrats of Brazoswood High School showed up at a party gathering the other night that featured gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell and other party standard bearers.

One of the eager young teens told the local paper,

"People don't know what the Democratic Party stands for."

The two 16-year-olds, full of vim and vigor and hopes for a brighter future, said they're trying to get Kinky Friedman to come speak at their high school. You know, Kinky Friedman. THE GUY SMOKING THE CIGAR IN THE PICTURE ABOVE AND TO THE RIGHT. Yeah, him. THE GUY WHOSE CANDIDACY HAS SUNK ALL DEMOCRATIC PARTY HOPES IN TEXAS THIS YEAR.

And you thought young people weren't interested in politics anymore.


TheLongHaul said...

See that's where we differ Banjo. Where you and other frustrated Democrats see Kinky Friedman as the candidate who has "sunk all Democratic Party hopes in Texas this year," I see Chris Bell and other weak Democratic leaders lacking the ability to unite their base and appeal to a majority of the public. If Chris Bell can't even unite his base, how do you expect him to unite a state like Texas? Please respond to this. I honestly respect your opinions, your contributions and emotion towards Texas politics. The reason Kinky Friedman draws so much support for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, non-voters and new voters, and Texans in general, is because we believe in him. Look at all the issues. Kinky Friedman is a solid candidate, and by November, I hope you reconsider voting for Kinky Friedman.

Banjo Jones said...

I'm not a Democrat. Or a Republican. Or a Libertarian. I am an Independent. I'm thinking of launching a movement for a Third Party. I'm thinking of calling it the Realist Party, but I haven't officially decided yet.

Thanks for reading and commenting.