Friday, August 04, 2006

The pitifulness of Buc-ees

How unjustifiably greedy is the Lake Jackson-based convenience store chain known to many of you as Buc-ees?

Here's how.

Lady goes into a Buc-ee's for coffee. Coffee's hot. Real hot. There aren't any "sleeves" available to slip over the cup to keep her from scalding the flesh off her hand. She slips another cup onto the bottom of the full coffee cup.

The checker charges her for two cups of coffee.

Lady protests.

Sorry, says the checker. Just following procedure, says the checker.

What a racket. One cup of coffee & one empty cup for the price of two cups of coffee. Sheesh. Posted by Picasa


Matt said...

If I'm reading this right, coffee is free at Buc-ee's, but cups are not. No problem. I think I've got an insulated 64 oz. Super CoPilot around here somewhere.

Cristian said...

They obviously think highly of their cups. They really do bring out the flavor of their coffee!

JD Allen said...

Well, maybe, yeah.

But the checkers are often good-looking women.

Which means law enforcement personnel are often to be seen there. Which means security. Which means you can go to the ATM w/o sweating it. AND get a 12-pack, to go.

Anonymous said...

i refuse to go there after all the fiasco about the holding out on gas last year during our little evacuation.there was gas.not giving away sources so they won't get fired but i was told it was there...not so dangerously low to burn up pumps ect. ect.

enough about that....

i don't really think highly of their operations.

ever wonder why they are one of the very few quick stops that don't sell lottery tickets? could it be previous violation?????

Anonymous said...

Dood, don't be jealous of Buccee's convenience supremeness! I would gladly scald my hand for a sip of premium Buccee's coffee. I would even go gay for a taste of their flavored sesame sticks right now. MMm... nutty trail mix...