Thursday, August 03, 2006

Boomer Sooner goes boom

It wouldn't be right to revel in the latest misfortune to befall the University of Oklahoma football team. That's not what athletic competition is all about. When Bob Stoops held his press conference today and said, repeatedly, that two of his football players "broke NCAA violations," I felt sadness in my heart. Then, when he said the OU program feels good about the new quarterback who will replace Rhett Bomar, and asserted further that it shouldn't have any effect on the Sooners' fortunes, since Bomar really wasn't all that experienced, I wondered if the good people of Oklahoma will really buy that load of horseshit. Posted by Picasa


Cristian said...

I hate the Sooners. But I hate Stoops even more. Remember the hubub before the 2004 title game when USC was snubbed, even though OU had the worse record? Everyone thought SC should have gone against LSU except for Stoops. He gave an interview on ABC, and John Saunders asked, "Should there be a playoff?" And Stoops quickly snapped, in effect, "No. We played a tough schedule and sometimes the best team loses in playoffs." What a pompous ass. And Saunders left it at that. I've never respected him nor ABC Sports again.

Kevin said...

Now Cristian, you don't happen to have a Longhorn sticker on your car, do ya? ;)

Obviously, Stoops is spinning. What else are ya gonna do?

It's honestly NOT like they just lost 40 TD passer Jason White before the start of the season. Then again, it's possible they lost a guy who would have been BETTER. All I know is that they're now counting on a guy who was a bad QB last season, and a worse wide receiver. I think the football fans in Oklahoma know what's what, and have adjusted expectations accordingly.

Anonymous said...


I can see why you hate the Sooners and Stoops....we've kicked your butts almost every year! Enjoy the last few weeks of bragging rights. October and another loss to the Sooners is coming up fast!

I can't believe what hypocrites Longhorns can be. You blast Stoops for accepting a BCS Championship bid but don't say a word when your coach, Mr. February, lobbies everyone and his grandmother to even get into a BCS bowl, leaving out a higher ranked Cal team. You have a very selective memory!


Cristian said...

1. I'm an SFA Alum, so I have no ties to UT. I'm just a Sooner hater because they have Texas kids playing for them. Same reason I used to HATE Arkansas.

2. Anonymous
A: UT will beat OU this year, but OU will win after that for two years. Mark it down.
B: Horn fans aren't hipocrites, at least not for football. They're just homers, just like everyone else. As for the lobbying, look how Cal fared against Tech, and see how UT did against Michigan in the Rose Bowl. I also refer you to the 2005 Orange Bowl, where your Sooners sucked balls worse than Ashlee Simpson.

3. Anyone else?