Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Double D trouble in Nick Adams country; no word how bad it is here on the Brazos

People in Michigan who live near the huge Dow Chemical plant have a lot more dioxin in their bodies than other people.

Chemical and Engineering News reports:

Some of the increase was associated with eating certain foods such as fish from local waters downwind from Dow or having worked at the company's plant from 1940 to 1959. Only a small portion of the increase was related to living on soil contaminated by Dow.

Dow Dioxin contamination of the Brazos River in the 1990s led the state to warn people against eating fish taken from the river, but we're not aware of any studies to determine adverse health affects among the current dwellers of "Where Texas Began."

In happier news, we saw Dow's new TV commercial during the PGA Golf Championship and it seems to "hold up" upon repeated viewings. The cinematography, the music are A-OK!

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