Friday, August 18, 2006

Guns, drinkin' & history, no place but Texas

Here's progress, and further proof that state government is working for you, despite what Kinky Friedman and the naysayers may claim.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has decided to allow the carrying of firearms on "licensed premises" (which means "bars" in non-government talk) during historical re-enactments.

This makes all kind of sense. How could an historical re-enactment in Texas be "accurate" without the presence of both firearms AND whiskey?

It can't. The two go together. Like Waylon 'n Willie. Pick-ups 'n dogs. Beans 'n cornbread.

We quote from the official language:

(d) Historical Reenactments. Pursuant to §11.61(i) of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, a historical reenactment utilizing firearms maybe conducted on the premises of a permit or license if:

(1) the firearms are of the type, caliber, or gauge common to the era and event being reenacted;

(2) such firearms remain in the possession of members of the cast, production company, employees of the permit holder, or others directly involved in the reenactment and are not left unattended or accessible to unauthorized persons at all times such firearms are on the licensed premises;

(3) such firearms remain unloaded at all times while on the licensed premises except that the firearms may be loaded with blank ammunition firing no projectile;

(4) such firearms shall be handled in a safe manner so as to present no threat of injury to audience members or others because of discharge or other use;

(5) persons engaged in reenactments shall maintain a minimum of 15 feet intervals between those armed with pistols and all others, and 40 feet between those armed with shotguns and all others;

(6) the permittee shall adopt safety rules to be employed during the reenactment and such rules shall be read and signed by all employees of the permit holder involved in the reenactment prior to the beginning of the event; and

(7) the permittee provides the relevant Commission District Office or outpost notice of the reenactment at least three business days before the event.

And remember. Don't drink 'n drive and always wear your safety belt.
[Texas Register, see TITLE 16.ECONOMIC REGULATION,

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