Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Shane Sklar, the man who would be congressman

Democratic congressional candidate Shane Sklar, who's trying to outconservative incumbent Ron "The Grumpy Gynecologist" Paul, is providing fodder for amusement to conserative blogger/political operative Chris Elam.

The Herald-Coast article to which Elam links mentions Paul's opposition to the Iraq War, but says nothing about Sklar's view of the conflict. So I, and presumably much of the 14th Congressional District electorate, still don't know what Sklar's position on Iraq is, and despite a public plea on this blog for someone to enlighten us all, so far I've received bupkis. Maybe no one really knows what Sklar thinks of the Iraq liberation.


YK said...

Sorry Banjo: Sklar is the LOBBYIST would be...............
Who in their right mind would send another one of this ilk to the District of Corruption?
What's Sklar's explanation for his military service? Bet he'd send our kids to take his place anytime.....because he's old enough to have served in three different conflicts, but didn't.

Anonymous said...

On his website, Sklar states "I probably would have voted to send troops to Iraq".

Robert Mayer said...

The Grumpy Gynecologist? Where did that nickname come from? Dr. Paul has always been very pleasant in my few encounters with him and I've heard nothing but the same from those who know him better than I.

El Jefe said...

After stumbling across charges about Shane being a "LOBBYIST," I decided to just give Shane a call and find out what was up.

He had pretty funny reply.

You see, Shane was executive director of the Independent Cattlemen's Association of Texas, which, I guess, is what YK is basing his charge on.

The funny thing is, Ron Paul himself is a member of ICA. He even donates a shotgun each year to ICA fundraisers in Victoria.

I think it would be pretty hypocritical for Paul to attack Shane for working for a group that Paul was a member of himself.

Curiously, someone named KellyL put a nearly identical comment at Burntorange Report, which leads me to believe there's some kind of organization behind this.

You don't think Ron Paul is going to try to ride this dead horse through the election, do you?

Banjo Jones said...

i doubt it, el jefe.
maybe he never even mounted that steed; not to say a supporter or two of his hadn't done so.
it's just hard to say.