Monday, June 19, 2006

Bud Lite finally nails "proud Texans"

"Mr. Way Too Proud To Be From Texas" has joined the lineup of targets on the Bud Lite "Real Men of Genius" advertising campaign.

I've only heard it once and searched fruitlessly on the Web for it, so if I tried to quote it from memory I would not do it justice.

But it was laugh-out-loud funny.

You think they've done Bud Lite commercials of people way too proud from any other state in the Union?

I doubt it.

That makes it all worthwhile, because it just confirms to us that, yes, we're way too proud to be from Texas, and we're proud that you know we're way too proud to be Texas, so it just must confirm that we're RIGHT to be way to proud to be from Texas.

Or something like that.

So now that Bud Lite has lumped us in with such notables as Mr. Really Really Bad Dancer, Mr. Tiny Thong Bikini Wearer, Mr. Driving Range Ball Picker Upper and Mr. Really Loud Cell Phone Talker Guy, we're even prouder than ever.

UPDATE: here are the words to the commercial, via Houstonist.

Bud Light Presents Real Men of Genius.
Real Men of Genuis

Today we salute you Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas Guy.

Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas Guy!
Men from lesser states might know their state's capital, but you? You know you're state's bird, tree and even reptile.

Love that horny toad.

You display your pride with your Lone Star tattoo, "Native Texan" bumper sticker, and contempt for any state that doesn't start with "Tex" and end with "as."

That spells Texas.
Sure, there are 49 other states in the Union, but they are smaller, wussier, and the people talk funny.

Yankee wussies.

So crack open a nice cold Bud Light, oh lover of the Lone Star state. Because all that flag waving must have made you thirsty.

UPDATE II: The Fat Guy, Scott Chaffin, heard it too, admits he's considered tattooing the Lone Star flag on his "precious, delicious Texas body."


[Bud Lite Real Men of Genius Commercials but not the Way Too Proud To Be From Texas Commercial]

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Jim Thompson said...

Don't forget Mr. Parking Attendant Flashlight Waver and Mr. Bowling Shoe Giver Outer!