Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Have you hugged a lobster today?

Whole Foods has stopped selling live lobsters because its customers might "mistreat them," which irritates BrazCo blogger Kschlenker, who advises:

Lobsters aren't cuddly wuddly little creatures. They eat each other, their own spawn, and anything that can't get away quick enough. They have primative nervous systems, so much so, that if they lose a leg or claw, they act like nothing happened. This isn't save the baby seals time, by no means.

Which is probably why Whole Foods hasn't seen fit to open a store for us hayseeds down here.


Lainey said...

yeah, don't you know they scream when dropped into the boiling water? LOL

I wonder if Whole Foods carries other types of seafood and/or meats? Oh, but it's already *dead* when it gets to the store, whereas, lobster is alive, just waiting for a mean old consumer to "mistreat" it!

In the words of John Stossel:

Mouth of the Yellow River said...

Ni hao! Kannichi Wa!

What a bunch of hypocritical ripoff artists!

Next they will be pulling all those aborted little chickens called "eggs." Do they still claim to sell those late stage abortions called "natural fertilized eggs?"

What's next? No more fresh oysters on the half shell because they are still alive and subject to abuse and pain with that Tabasco and Wasabi!

I'm looking for the day when I can get good farm-raised canine or feline cuisine in our specialty markets that is gaining popularity with rising wealth in my old homeland.