Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Rancher versus The Gynecologist

Shane Sklar, the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 14th Congressional District, is amping up the rhetoric against incumbent US Rep. Ron Paul, a Republican who's best known for not supporting a whole lot of anything that either the Republicans or the Democrats want.

Oh, it's not nasty yet, and probably won't be, but at least somebody's saying something about the other guy.

Sklar, a rancher from the Coastal Bend, told The Hill, a D.C.-based publication that no one around here ever reads, that the incumbent is a "a libertarian party of one."

"Paul has alienated both parties," said Sklar.

Paul, a gynecologist from Surfside who's alternately known as the "The Grumpy Gynecologist" and "Dr. No" by political wags, ran for president once on the Libertarian ticket.

So far, Paul hasn't said much of anything about Sklar of which we are aware, but that's understandable since the political parties still haven't held their primaries yet.

But if the incumbent is short of ideas, howsabout the youthful looks of the insurgent Democrat, pictured above. Is this cowboy old enough to drink (legally)?

[The Hill]

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