Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A new emissions event watcher on the block

Cristian Alcocer, a newly discovered blogger here in the Petrochemical Underarm of Texas, reports seeing a mushroom-like cloud over Dow Chemical today. He even has pictures!(see full link below)

This is an exciting new development in this one-horse town because, so far as I know, no one else has posted anything whatsoever concerning "emissions events" that occur in the local plants, as if they had better things to do. Sheesh.

Personally speaking, carrying the ball on reporting emissions events all by myself has become mentally and physically taxing, and I have been breaking out in hives for the last 9 months for no apparent reason. (Also, the neighbors think I've lost my mind.)

So welcome, Cristian.

I'm not sure what it is you saw unless it has something to do with the "air startup" that Dow has reported will last from Jan. 26 until March 9.

The contaminants thus far reported: 5,000 lbs. carbon monoxide, 6,313 lbs. ethylene (gaseous), 176 lbs. nitrogen dioxide and 3,345 lbs. nitrogen monoxide.

Keep that camera handy, Cristian.
[world wide couch]


World Wide Couch says he was informed the "emissions event" he photographed was a "controlled" grass fire at the federal wildlife preserve. Such are the hazards of emissions event reporting. This makes sense to me. Those marsh burns produce amazing amounts of smoke.
[WWC update link]

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