Friday, February 24, 2006

E&P notes Chron links to B'Port News

Here we go again.

Got a call yesterday from Joe Strupp, a senior writer at Editor & Publisher, a newspaper industry trade publication.

We chewed the fat for awhile. Turns out Joe knows one of my old editors, Dave Burgin, when Joe worked for Dean Singleton, the guy who killed The Houston Post.

Then he rang up Dwight Silverman, tech guru of the Houston daily, who disputes my assertion that it's ironic the Chron links to this blog. Whatever.

Dwight said some nice things about the blog here, so good on you, Dwight.

Per usual, Editor Cohen was unavilable.

Tommy Miller, former managing editor at the Houston daily, said from his journalism perch in Fresno, Calif., that "reporters who write personal blogs are treading into a dangerous area."

Oooh, scary.

Jossip: "Call us crazy, but, when a journalist or writer gets fired, it usually implies that their services are no longer required by that newspaper or magazine..."


suzy fabulous said...

way to go banjo!

Kevin said...

Cohen was probably out hitting the links.

Good to see you get well-deserved exposure for your blog!

And what nice attention for the Carnival of the Dwighties as well.

Dwight Silverman said...


Irony is in the eye of the ironed. Or something like that.

Dwight Singleton? Are you mixing me up with a certain former owner of the Houston Post?

Banjo Jones said...

thanks suzy, kevin. and thanks for the catch Dean, uh, Dwight.

Priest said...

Banjo, I linked the story from E&P & your blog and think it a fascinating development...................I hope lots of other people also link to it and give you the exposure that you deserve on this story-development. Your breaking ground here I think............Keep blogging brother, keep bloggin.......................... said...

Hey, can we get some more of the Chron Editorial Board to move to Fresno, too?

Bill Dennis said...

Damn! I linked to the E&P article, too. Serendipity be praised, your blog is actually kinda good.

Any fan of The Kinkstah isn't all bad.