Friday, February 24, 2006

State declares substances to be controlled

The State of Texas just published its annual list of "controlled substances."

The state spells marijuana with a "h," as in marihuana.

So if you get pulled over for a busted tail light, tell the inquiring officer not to be alarmed, as the acrid smell inside the vehicle is merely the scent of mary-JOO-wanna, not, as he may suspect, mary-WHA-na.

A new substances added to the controlled list isZopiclone, which, to tell you the truth, has no allure whatsoever to me as its side effects include "coated tongue" and "bad breath."

But really, all you need to know about drugs and such as that is to read Mouth of the Brazos.

If you want to read the whole long list of controlled substances in Texas (and it's very, very long), go here and carefully move your cursor to "Department of State Health Services."

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Ja! I'm not worried, I can control my own substances!