Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Separate vote in Alvin ISD chaps rural voters

The voters in the Alvin school district yesterday OK'd a whole bunch of school bonds, but kschlenker writes that the shady school district made it as difficult as possible for rural voters to cast nay ballots. She writes:

They don't want rural voters to have a voice in the school district. If they did, they would combine their ballot with the ballots of the outlying areas so voters would only have to go to one place and vote.

Quite frankly, the situation sucks. It sucks so hard, it blows. I guess it is time to write to the state about being disenfranchised by the greedy citified losers called Alvin ISD....

[alvin isd bond vote]

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Anonymous said...

The idea that Alvin ISD is deliberately making it hard for "rural" voters to participate is ridiculous.

For over two months AISD has advertised their early voting opportunities. Early voting did not require any special registration. Every AISD school had at least one event where participants could cast early votes. Early voting was held at at least one AHS football game. These events were held in the evening, so travel time to/from work would not be an issue for the same people for whom it is an issue to get in to vote during the regular weekday.

If the problem is an intent to disenfranchise rural voters, then how does making it hard for those who work in Houston to vote accomplish that goal? They, surely, are as "citified" as anyone.

In addition, the petty name-calling is completely out of line. "Citified losers" is hardly a term for civilized debate.