Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The emerging tale of 2 counties

Chris Elam, a Sugarland blogger, writes today about the split personality of Brazoria County, with the population-booming Pearland area threatening to become of the political center of the Land Where Texas Began.

It's a cogent analysis. I think Chris has kinfolk over here, so he probably hears a lotta scuttlebutt.

Anyhow, here's the coffee shop talk we're hearing as it relates to the coming county judge slugfest:

County Judge John Willy is banking on big support from the Pearland north end because one-time Sheriff Joe King is so strong in the south end. That's why they recruited a Pearland city council member to run for the Precinct 2 commissioner's spot, which apparently is going to be given up by incumbent Jim Clawson, who's having some health issues. Angleton Mayor Matt Sebesta is looking to succeed Clawson.

Willy has a real big billboard on Hwy 288 promoting his re-election. It's located up on the north end and is real professional-looking, nothing like the old handmade signs you used to see in local political races. So it looks like he's got some professional political consultants on his payroll to beat back King's challenge.

We also heard Willy was interested in winning an appointment to one of the new judgeships created during the last session of the Legislature, but the local bar association wrote to Gov. Perry asking him not to appoint Willy, since he's never really practiced law before, despite the special law degree he received by virtue of his special status as a one-time lawmaker in Austin.

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Chris Elam said...

No, no kinfolk unfortunately. If so, I'd spend more time down there. Just some good friends and political clients.

Banjo Jones said...

I must be thinking of another out-of-county blogger who has relatives here.