Thursday, November 10, 2005


November 10, 2005 -- A FEMALE journalist friend of PAGE SIX who saw Maureen Dowd hawking her book "Are Men Necessary?" on Anderson Cooper's show, e-mailed us in shock: "My God, she is Botoxed to the hilt. The only things that moved were her mouth and eyelids. What does this mean? . . . A modern women's libber print journo falling prey to the Hollywood obsession of facial perfection. When did print journos ever care about how they looked? Even Rosalind Russell in 'His Girl Friday' declared herself 'a newspaper man.' I am mortified that a woman scribe who wants to be taken seriously for her thoughts succumbs to such shallow and bizarre behavior as paralyzing your face with botulism just to be more attractive on television, mostly to men. She's let us down big."

Page Six, NY POST

MoDo will be giving a speech in Austin about journalism. The Austin Chronicle interviewed her. She loves Gawker.[AC]

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