Friday, April 29, 2005

Imus & Co. bludgeon Contessa Brewer

A one-sentence item in the NY Post's Page Six gossip column this morning brought the fading feud between MSNBC radio yakker Don Imus and former news reader Contessa Brewer back to the red-hot level of schoolyard name-calling.

Here's the gossip item that led to Imus going nuts:

April 29, 2005 -- MSNBC's Contessa Brewer, a former news reader on Don Imus' show, telling pals at Cain that she thinks Imus is a "cantankerous old fool" who doesn't know how to relate to "beautiful women" . .-----

Imus & Crew immediately lit into Contessa at the start of their morning show, saying traffic tie-ups in New York City were caused by her "BIG BUTT" being stuck in a tunnel and her "FAT ASS" being stuck in the door at Burger King.

"Why didn't she just keep her mouth shut?" Imus demanded. "Why would she bring this on herself? She knows how we are. SHE IS SO PAINFULLY STUPID. That's the reason I got rid of her. I'd ask her to explain a story she had read and she didn't have a clue."

They went on and on about how Contessa was ugly, comparing her to "Miss Piggy," and saying how she looked terrible in the tight outfits she wore.

"I don't think Amy (Robach) or any of those in the back have to worry about HER taking over the Today show."

"She is MSNBC's answer to Candy Crowley," said Bernard, Imus' producer, comparing Contessa to the heavy-set CNN reporter.

Imus: "Why would she want to say anything about me with (Page Six scribe) Richard Johnson sitting near by? She must have been liquored-up. I was trying to keep my big mouth shut. But not anymore."

They called Contessa a "bimbo" with no sense of humor who got her job by winning a hot dog eating contest, that she makes Paris Hilton look like Condaleeza Rice (in intellect), that's she's an "ignorant slut."

That's about all Scooter, my wife and assistant, had time to scribble down due to the fast and furious pace of the name-calling.

At one point during the verbal assault, Charles McCord, the long-time news reader and Imus friend for more than 20 years, ducked his head and muttered something about "Abu Ghraib," referring, of course, to the Iraq torture prison. This torture, though, didn't take place in a prison but a radio studio.

Had we not witnessed the diatribe, Scooter and I could have sworn we were back in junior high. No, junior high was more dignified.

You'd have thought Brewer had called Imus a child molester.

Imus is a seasoned veteran in these sort of verbal fisticuffs, and the gossip item seemed to bring him back to life following his bout with kidney stone surgery that apparently didn't go all that well. He's on Vicodin for pain, so maybe that played a part in his over-reaction.

Indeed, the I-Man appeared more angry and animated over the alleged comments Contessa made than he was when the Wall Street Journal recently published an article that questioned the integrity of his New Mexico ranch, where kids with cancer are given of a week of therapeutic cowboy work.

Since Imus has the microphone Monday through Friday, he's at a decided advantage over Contessa, who's a mere news reader in the afternoons on the ratings-challenged MSNBC. He's in his element now.

Moreover, Imus has a band of loyal on-air sycophants who are more than happy to chime in when Imus goes nuclear. It's like Lord of the Flies on the radio.

In boxing terms, Imus vs. Contessa is comparable to the Muhammad Ali-Cleveland Williams fight held in the Astrodome back in the day. It's a mismatch. No contest. Maybe we should ask for our money back? Oh, yeah, it's free. And apparently what passes for morning radio entertainment in the media capital of the world.

What might happen next?

I doubt Richard Johnson, the NY Post writer, was sitting next to Contessa and friends when the alleged comments were made. More than likely, one of his tipsters phoned it in. Who's to say she really said it? And even if she did, so what? I's a private conversation!

Here's where Scooter and I disagree. She contends Contessa should have shown better judgment than to spout off in a public place about Imus, even if it was a private conversation at a table with friends. Better to say such things without prying ears nearby.

I, however, contend anyone in this country most certainly has the right to speak their mind to their friends in a public place and not be slandered for it on a radio program that is simulcast around the world.

I guess I'm naive.

I'm just glad I live in Texas, where most of us still have enough manners than to treat a lady this way.
Update: Brewer was a no-show at her Friday afternoon newsreading gig on MSNBC. There is no official word from management regarding the Imus & Co. contretemps.

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rorschach said...

Fat? Big Butt? not from the pictures I've seen. If I weren't married... I think Imus needs eye surgery, either that or the vicodin has him hallucinating...

I tend to agree with Contessa, Imus IS an old fart that has no idea of how to relate to women, but then again, most men have that problem to some degree. I know *I* often have no clue what my wife is trying to say and vice-versa.

Imus and crew need to grow up a bit.

yesman said...

I agree contessa is more on the babe-ish side, but VERY stupid to spout out about a former boss (especially the I-Man) in any public place or way

lud523 said...

I live in the Milwaukee area and saw Contessa Brewer when she was a news anchor here. She couldn't pronunciate her way out of a paper bag, even if words were spelled out phonetically. Her onscreen banter with other anchors was inane and many times her co-anchors just looked at her blankly after she was done speaking. Dim bulb, yes. She probably did say something about her old boss, since she is all gloss and no substance.

Anonymous said...

I went to Syracuse with Contessa, and she was my roommate in the summer of '95. We weren't particularly close and haven't kept in touch past college, but I have to strongly disagree with the comments about her being a "dim bulb". She is a very intelligent and driven woman, and Imus's tirade in response to her comments only proves that she's speaking the truth. I mean, all he can think of is a bunch of fat jokes in response. Telling a woman she has a big butt is about as predictable as her telling him he has a small willy. Yeah guy, touche.

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Anonymous said...

I'm from Texas too, you half-ass motherfukcer, and I'll tell you what: A LADY is always treated with the utmost respect. But a rude, insolent woman is not deserving of any kind whatsoever. If the men here in our state had your attitude, it would be a bunch of haughty, contemptuous skanks running around, because it is men like you who enable them to become the slutty, lascivious little monsters so many of America's women are becoming these days. But let me make sure I'm understanding your dunderhead reasoning here: A member of the human species has a right to act in any way she chooses with absolute impugnity...can trample on anyone... can mock, scorn and ridicule any person she chooses and get away with anything she wants and no one can do anything to stop her or call her out.....IF she has a pussy between her legs. So that pussy entitles her to act with any kind of treachery she wants, is that right? What kind of standard is that? I'll tell you what kind: that of a decadent mind like yours. LADIES are treated with respect because they are our better halves. But an insolent tramp like contessa brewer is not even 1/8th of a hairy ass.

Anonymous said...

Anyone catch Brewer and Ziegler today or yesterday?

Anonymous said...

To the people claiming Contessa Brewer is intelligent -- including her "former roommate" -- all you have to do is watch a few clips of her on Youtube to see she's got a track record of disastrous interviews, outright bias and misplaced indignation.

The most entertaining clip on Youtube is one in which she interviews Tommy Chong, and although she picks a fight, she still can't get the better of an old stoner who clearly has screws loose.

She's only in the news business because of her looks. Any claim that she's intelligent, or has a talent for journalism, is laughable.