Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Contessa Brewer

The new Newsgal on Imus in the Morning (MSNBC), Contessa Brewer, appears more than capable of holding her own with the self-styled radio grouch, who sent her predecessor, Amy Robach, running off screaming into the predawn hours.

Today, Contessa allowed that her father is a Baptist preacher. Ooooh, an opening for the I-Man, which prompted him to ask Amy if her dad watched the radio simulcast. No, he won't pay for cable, she said.

Can she recite the 10 Commandments?
She began ticking them off.

What's the most important Commandment?
Honor thy father and mother.

Contessa, who's easy on the eyes like her predecessor, didn't miss a beat.

She delivers a pretty good straight line, too.

When she commented that the I-Man and Charles the Newsman looked nice today, Imus told her to stop it -- she sounded like she was talking to her grandpa in the Old Folks Home.

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