Thursday, March 03, 2005

BULLETIN...Houston the new AMSTERDAM

Channel 2, which is on our side, tried to shock State Rep. Martha Wong last night by showing her an undercover videotape it made of a topless dancer wearing nothing but something called a "G-string."

She was rubbing something so shocking on the patron of a gentleman's club that reporter Ryan Korsgard said he couldn't say what it was.

Rep. Wong did not appear shocked. Instead, she cackled.

"I don't need to see more," she said.

Channel 2 approached Wong because she was a prime instigator behind the City of Houston passing a law 8 years ago that says topless dancers have to stay 3-feet away from their marks, who are known, in the parlance of our times, as "gentlemen's club patrons."

She'll take it to the Legislature if necessary.

Mayor Bill White said there are too many strip clubs in Houston and that the law needs to be enforced, but he does not want to take police away from other investigations.

He then slipped a $5 bill in reporter reporter Korsgard's G-string and asked him his shoe size. (not really)

Channel 2 -- which is owned by The Washington Post Co. -- said it interviewed a stripper who said Houston is becoming the "new Amsterdam," apparently because Amsterdam also is ignoring the international 3-foot rule standard.

Are these the people who wear wooden shoes?

Even though the rodeo is in town, which means there are many people in Houston who think Amsterdam is a large hydroelectric project in North Texas, this wasn't explained.

Are wooden shoes illegal if your vehicle breaks down on the highway? Again, no explanation. Do they take the wooden shoes away from you? No idea!

A young gentleman's club patron, interviewed in the parking lot, said it was all "Good wholesome fun, Texas style."

The young man betrayed no noticeable Dutch accent, but no video available of his shoes. Wooden? MSM cover-up?

But Bill Balleza, the Channel 2 anchor who's on our side, said violation of the 3-foot rule is a Class A misdemeanor. "That's serious," he said.

It's all serious on Channel 2. Very serious.

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