Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Big 10

The highest court in the land today will hear arguments on whether public displays of the 10 Commandments is kosher.

We have movie titan Cecile B. DeMille partly to thank for this legal High Noon.

Back when CBD was promoting The Ten Commandments movie, starring the charismatic Charlton Heston and the intense Yul Brynner, he gave out 400 granite displays of The Big 10, and sent Heston and Brynner out to some of the dedications. Say what you will about DeMille, but he knew how to thump the tub.

One hundred forty (including the one at the Texas state capital) of the 400 displays are still intact and inspiring devotion and dismay, depending on your point of view, reports National Public Radio.
[npr (audio report)]

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