Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Benzene, it coulda been such a purty name

Had the American tongue taken a left turn back in, say, the early to mid 20th Century, Benzene mighta been such a lyrical name for a girl, and we might hear across backyard fences a mama callin', "Benzene, get yo' fanny in heah and do yo' chores. Rat now!"

It didn't work out that way, and we are the lesser for it.

So now we have a benzene emission over at Chocolate Bayou. And girls named Megin. And La Toya.

(All emissions estimates are based, by the way, on "visual observation." Which, one supposes, goes something like, "Oh, looks like about 10 pounds a benzene, hundred of hydrogen fluoride. Sound about right, Larry?" "Yup.")

[state emissions report]

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