Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The amazing tatooed woman

Pretty soon Shaune Bagwell will start looking like Rod Steiger in The Illustrated Man.

Hoffy Hoffman writes:

• Last week, amid a ridiculous amount of media coverage, Houston bikini model Shaune Bagwell auctioned off advertising space across her cleavage — and scooped up $15,099.
An online casino called Golden Palace "won" the auction on eBay.

I'd say you ain't seen nothing yet, but we've seen plenty already. Click on and see what I'm talking about.

Now Bagwell is back on eBay auctioning another body part for ad space.

"This week, the space on my 33-inch inseam legs is up for rent," Bagwell said. She promises that her legs — and your company logo — will get plenty of exposure.

"For one month, I will wear miniskirts and shorts."

The opening bid is $2,000. Bagwell said she will donate half of the proceeds from the auction to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Bush-Clinton Tsunami Relief Fund.

It may be difficult to top the hullabaloo created by her cleavage rental. She was all over the news.

People like me like when people like her do nutty stuff.

"I had fun with it, too," Bagwell said. "The coverage was so extensive. I was on the phone with ESPN when call waiting beeped. I had to tell the ESPN guy, 'Can you hang on a minute? It's CNN on the other line.' It was comical. The coolest thing was Sports Illustrated calling and asking for a photo.

"At least I wasn't in the headlines for breaking the law or arguing with my boyfriend in public."


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