Thursday, January 27, 2005

Radio blogging: sex, Sex, SEX

In RushWorld, the new term of art for "fellatio" is "Lewinsky." As in, "Sweetheart, how 'bout a Lewinsky tonight?" (My hypothetical.)

Damn FCC!

Limbaugh sex talk prompted by Katie Couric TV special on teen Lewinskying.

Lady caller from Houston tells Rush high school lads line up by the dozens to get their Lewinsky from procession of willing girls. At school! Been going on since her 25-year-old was a high schooler. (When Rod Paige was Houston super.? Shocked.)

Momentary silence from Rush. Caught flatfooted, dreamily gazing at CNN monitor? Recovers quickly, clears throat, says schools may need to look into problem.

Later, in Houston ...
Local talker Chris Baker (KTRH-AM, 7.40) takes up Couric-inspired sex chat, but can't come up with suitable euphemism for either fellatio or Lewinskying.

Damn FCC! Damn conservative audience!

Baker chooses "snorkeling," seems pleased.

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