Thursday, January 27, 2005

Nun-chuks, flying stars, slingshots, pea-shooters, spitwads still prohibited til further notice

Houston's transit agency has declared firearms not to be dangerous weapons, officially making it OK to bring (licensed) six-shooters, .38s, Sat. Nite Specials, Glocks, Gatlin guns, etc. on city buses or light rail. Move enables agency to avoid problematic (ie., loser) lawsuit by Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who boasts he packed heat three times on a Metro bus, hoping someone, anyone, would make his day.

Next Step: declare collisions between light rail and motorists, now approaching a world record, unavoidable acts of God (force majeure). Should solve lawsuit, insurance, bad publicity problems.[Hou. Chron.]


Kevin said...

Force majeure!

Brilliant, my friend.

Banjo Jones said...

thanks for your support, kevin. blogon my brothah.