Thursday, January 27, 2005

Distringuished Authors & Their Words

Paris Hilton
"Confessions of an Heiress"
Simon & Shuster, copyright 2004, 178 Pages
Page 47
Yes, it's hard to believe, but I do sometimes have bad-hair days!If I'm tired of my hair and I don't have a lot of time, I wear a hat. A hat changes your look really fast, and you definitely get noticed. Hats are cute. I like berets; they add a little international flair.
Page 49
Okay, I admit it -- I desperately hate one thing about my body: I have size 11 feet.
Page 53
Show off your navel and belly. I do. Everyone thinks guys are all about boobs and legs. I think they're really into stomachs.
Page 60
I love animals so much...People might say I'm a hypocrite because I eat burgers. My response to that is: Heiresses don't need to be consistent.
Page 87
An entrance is everything. If you walk into a party looking desperate or needy, it's over. Traveling with a pack gives you added confidence -- it's like a party insurance policy.
Page 90
...I cannot stress the importance of billionaire friends...They raise your social net worth...
Page 91
Always pack more than you need -- three times as much -- then don't wear any of it and buy all new stuff. That's what I do. When they see you coming through the hotel lobby with a ton of luggage, they'll know you're someone important.
Page 137
(Men) can tell when you're lying.
Page 140
Heiresses are very good liars when they have to be.

[This is the first in a series. Ms. Hilton, currently under investigation for shoplifting, appeared last night in the third-season premiere of "The Simple Life" on Fox.]


Kimberly said...

What? Did you BUY the book? I bet you'd tell me the video was EDUCATIONAL.

Banjo Jones said...

Stole it from my celeb-obsessed daughter. Plan to burn later. Haven't seen viddy. Really.