Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Debra LaFave

Owen LaFave of Florida is seeking a divorce.

His legal grounds look pretty solid. His wife Debra, a school teacher, was having sex with one of her 14-year-old students. She's awaiting trial and could go to the slammer. The cops have tapes of her talking to the kid. Her picture's gone all over the world. Nice looking gal, too. And Owen's the poster child for cuckhold-dom.

The weird thing is, Owen says he and Debbie had a great marriage. Who bets the guy watches a lot of sports on TV? Even bowling. And spends a lot of time on his lawn.

The sad thing is, not only did his wife not level with him, but his best friends didn't either. They knew the guy was making a big mistake in marrying Debbie, BUT DIDN'T TELL HIM.

Why should they tell him? Cause he was good friend? No, it might be funnier to see the whole thing blow up. Yeah, maybe Ol' Deb'll start screwing one of her students! That'd be a hoot!

Instead, they told his mother, and she told them to keep quiet, stand by their man, her clueless son.

Moral of the Story:People like Owen need all the help they can get. Don't be afraid to speak up, people, if you think your best bud or best girlfriend is about to marry a nut. Really pretty simple.

Owen on Larry King Live:

KING: Is it true that one of your men, the ushers at your wedding warned you?

LAFAVE: Not me directly, no. This is something I found out after she was arrested. Two of my groomsmen actually went to my mother the night before we were married and asked my mother to stop the wedding.

KING: Because?

LAFAVE: Because they thought she was wrong for me.

KING: Have you spoken to them since?

LAFAVE: Sure. Sure. I'm in contact with them all the time.

KING: And what do they say?

LAFAVE: They just -- you know, they thought that she was not the right girl for me, they thought I was making a mistake. They still feel it was the right decision to go to my mother. And my mother said to me at the time, said if you're really a true friend, you need to stand by his side and see him through the wedding as well as the relationship.

Maybe it'll all work out. Maybe Owen'll get a book deal. Or become a motivational speaker. Or start a blog.

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