Tuesday, July 20, 2004

`Girly Men' Possibilities

Possible upshot to Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger throwing down on his Democratic opponents with his "girly men" jape: It could enter the normal, everyday vernacular.

OK, just play along and pretend that it might.

At the next State of the Union address, the president could tell Congress, in all seriousness, "The last budget I proposed was not a girly man budget. Yes, it was strong on defense spending but it also contained strong measures toward job creation, strengthening our country's infrastructure and putting some real muscle in education reform..."
TV political analysts like Chris Matthews, when grilling pundits, could ask someone like pollster Frank Lunsford, "Are we seeing a trend toward a girly man culture during this election, when a strongly worded rebuke from someone like Dick Cheney saying `Fuck you' to Pat Leahy, causes all this hand-wringing, particularly in the blue states?"
Twenty-two years after the original, the courtroom drama "The Verdict," starring Paul Newman, is remade. In the rewrite of David Mamet's original script, the nurse tells jurors that the doctor on trial threatened to fire her unless she covered up his mistake that resulted in a patient being rendered comatose. "Who were these girly men?" she weeps. "I wanted to be a nurse!"
In post-game sports interviews, Jeff Bagwell, after yet another Astros' loss, stoically concedes, "I played like a girly man today."
World terrorism
Head Jihadist Osama Bin Laden, in his next taped message, "By all that is holy and with the help of Allah, we will drive the infidels, these girly men, from our land..."

As the late Emily Litella once said, "Never mind."
Arnold's camp stands by comment.
Hans und Franz @ Harvard

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