Sunday, July 18, 2004

After Dinner Laughs

The last time we dined with my aunt and uncle, we went to a nice Chinese restaurant near their home in Houston.

My aunt and uncle are up in years now. Uncle recently passed 90 and his wife is not far behind, but they keep on truckin'.

After dinner, the traditional fortune cookies were delivered, whereupon my aunt mentioned that over the years they like to have each diner at the table read his fortune aloud.

Then, she added mischeviously, the fortune holder must add two keys words to the reading of the message contained in the cookie -- "in bed."

So that's what we did, and it was pretty humorous.

So last night, Scooter and I took daughter Scout to Shanghai, the Chinese restaurant across the street from Dow, and Scout, age 20, was introduced to this post-dining entertainment.

My fortune: "In silence man can most readily preserve his integrity in bed."

Scooter: "Use your talents. That's what they are intended for in bed."

Scout: "In every enterprise, consider the outcome in bed."

Scout had a good laugh, thinking, no doubt, that despite the advancing years of her parents, they'll still surprise you now and then, which is pretty much what Scooter and I thought of my aunt and uncle when they introduced us to this after-dinner fortune cookie ritual.

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