Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Time Has Come To Say Sayonara

This is the last posting for The Brazosport News.

We are moving on to greener, out-of-state pastures, so we bid you a fond adieu.

It's been fun, except for that nasty bit of business with the mainstream press a coule years ago.

Since a counter was installed on the site last May, it's been interesting to get an idea where our readers (on average, around 50 or so per day) are located. Not surprisingly, most are in the Central U.S. time zone, but everyday a small percentage of readers were in places like Luxemburg, Finland, Australia, Israel, Poland, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, the UK and other farflung locales. You've got to hand it Al Gore. When he invented the Internet, he opened a whole new world for us all.

But now, so far as The Brazosport News is concerned, it's time to piss on the fire and call in the dogs. Hopefully, someone else will take the baton and launch a Brazosport blog. It's ridiculously easy. Just log on to Blogger.com and follow the directions.

Good luck and adios.


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