Friday, July 16, 2004

Dow Hits The $43K Trifecta!

Pretty crappy week for the Dow Chemical Co.
Just as we predicted, the company hit the trifecta.

Let's recap.

First, thousands of pounds of pollutants were emitted when a compressor malfunctioned. Even the Clute-based daily wrote about that one (after we did), apparently because the flare burning the lost volatile organic compounds (benzene, etc.) could be seen in Milwaukee.

Second, during a drilling operation there was huge explosion that scared the shit out of everyone in Clute, Freeport, Squirrell Holler, etc., followed by a subsequent wellhead fire, and lots of black smoke spiraling into the air.

Now comes word from Austin (the state capital) that enviro regulators have proposed to fine Dow $43,840 for breaking the law.

Specifically, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is citing Dow for:

1.failing to demonstrate compliance with the volatile organic compound (VOC) pound per hour (lb/hr) emission limit of 0.07 lbs/hr.
2.failing to demonstrate a VOC destruction removal efficiency of at least 99.68%.
3. failing to provide acceptable test results for nitrogen oxides (NO x ) emissions

Question: Is this the company that one of our readers chastized us about, saying Dow was one of the most responsible companies around and that if we can't "get over it" (ie., the first of Dow's trifecta) that we should move?

Answer: Yes.

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