Friday, January 26, 2007

In Bloggerville, you learn something new virtually everyday

For instance, I've never heard of "truck balls" (or "bumper nuts," depending on where you reside) til I read this.

I wonder if the Wall Street Journal has done a take-out on the cash flow generated by this innovation.

Other relevant questions that could be answered:


And WHY?


Unknown said...

I've been seeing these in Alvin for several years. It's great to know you live cultural center.

Anonymous said...

Ni Hao!

Mr. Banjo, ever since I immigrated to Texas, I’ve noticed the wide use of a silhouette of the full female reproductive tract complete with uterus topped by the uterine horn as a logo on trailer hitch plugs, tire covers and stickers on autos.

From this one can certainly say that there is no masculine gender bias in Texas.

Hook ‘Em Uterine Horns!

MOTYR Happy Year of the Pig (starting Feb. 18)

Banjo Jones said...

bill, it usually takes a couple years for trends to make their way from Alvin down south to B'port ...

motyr, in Oklahoma they display the upside-down Longhorn logo, which they say suggests, well, forget it, use your imagination cause i'm not gonna go there on a family blog... i just displayed a picture of the upside-down longhorn on Banjo Pics if you wanna check it out.