Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brazoria opts to follow Constitution

The idea to outlaw calling someone a "nigger" in a "derogatory or hurtful manner" was withdrawn at the big city council meeting tonight in Brazoria, where so many folks showed up they had to hold the meeting outside in front of City Hall.

Among the citizenry speaking against the ordinance was an Afrian-American man, Saylaion Dunlap, who said, in effect, he'd like to continue calling people "nigger" on occassion without threat of a fine.

“I’m one that uses that word. I don’t use it in a racial way,” said Dunlap, who is black. “If this passes, I feel like it is going to put me in a bigger bind than I am in. I myself cannot afford this law and asked the council not to pass the ordinance.”

A number of African-American residents of Brazoria, including members of the clergy, said they supported passage of the ordinance.

Mayor Ken Corley, a white used-car salesman who came up with the idea of the racial slur prohibition, said he's proud of himself, even if the ordinance idea proved controversial and was ridiculed as unconstitutional.

“I have been subjected to criticism, anger and controversy all because I chose to address an issue of all color throughout the nation. I have never been prouder to be Ken Corley than I am at this moment in my life, as God has given me the courage and direction to bring this controversial issue to the forefront.”

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but Corley was on FoxNews' The Big Story with John Gibson day before yesterday.

The plan evidently worked just like Corley drew it up on paper.

Seeing as Corley is a used car salesman, and that used car salesmen sell the same cars over and over again through use of repossession, and that repossession is usually something that the debtor tries to avoid, and that many buy here/pay here customers are black, I'll bet a dollar Mayor Corley has uttered the word "nigger" at some point in his past. Probably recently.

I wonder if anybody asked Corley if he's ever said "nigger"? I bet not.