Monday, February 01, 2010

Interviewing myself about the Super Bowl football contest

Will I place a wager on the Super Bowl?


Does this mean I'm opposed to Superbowl betting?

No. To each his own and live and let live are my mottos. Or is it motti?

Why were the Indianapolis Colts originally 4-point favorites and now they're 6-point faves?

The betting public -- this includes the squares who aren't all that clued into gambling and the sharps who are more experienced -- placed more money on the Colts when the betting opened. So the sports booking emporiums increased the odds so more people would bet on the Saints. So now you add 6-points to the point total that the Saints tally at the end of the game instead of 4-points. So now, if the Colts win the game 49-44, if you bet on the Saints you would win your wager cause you add 6-points to the Saints total, thus making the "betting score" Saints 50, Colts 49. Get it?

Do I have a "gambling problem"?


Do I know anyone who does?

Yes. I worked with him. Played poker with him on Wednesday nights, a long time ago. Small stakes -- quarter ante, three-bump limit. Small potaters. We played some boo-ray, too. He loved the boo-ray. It's a three-card game that's French in origin.

Does he have a bet on the Super Bowl?

I hope not.

Would he derive more enjoyment watching the game if he had placed on a wager on the outcome?

Enjoyment may not be the word. His brain, or at least the subcortical region of his brain, would probably be doing backflips during the contest. There's apparently kind of a buzz going on in there when a wager is placed.

Would I get more enjoyment from the game if I had placed a wager?

Nah. I'd probably be miserable. See, I yell at the TV without have money on the outcome. I just enjoy the athletic spectacle of it. I could watch a pee-wee football game and be highly entertained, too.

Is the subcortex of my brain stimulated nonetheless?

I'm not qualified to say.

What will the subcortical region of Peyton Manning's brain be doing during the Super Bowl?

Again, not qualified to say, but have you seen the size of his forehead? I'd say there's a big subcortex in there. What it's doing? Beats me. But he's a helluva quarterback. And underrated as an actor.

What about Drew Brees?

His forehead isn't as big as Manning's.

Does this mean I think the Colts will win?

Yes. But not because of the apparent difference in forehead size. It's just a hunch.

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Jerry House said...

Gee willikers, how many pounds of eye make-up did that cheerleader use?

Slampo said...

Man, if I was gonna gamble I'd definitely patronize your sponsor after this posting.