Friday, January 01, 2010

Mike Leach could coach the Raiders

Texas Tech Head Football Coach Mike Leach has been fired, as you likely know, but Michael Silver, a Yahoo! sports columnist, has a super idea -- Al Davis could hire him to coach the Oakland Raiders, the wackiest franchise in the National Football League.

As Silver explains:

Think about it: The Raiders have an abysmal offense and are trying to salvage the career of a former No. 1 overall draft pick, quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Leach is an innovative offensive mind who has made prolific passers out of far less talented QBs. Davis is a big-time meddler, but he has also worked best with headstrong head coaches who aren’t afraid to be their own men. Leach, as recent events confirm, would fit that mold. Further, as Leach proved this week, he, too, is not afraid to lawyer up, and both will soon be intimately familiar with the nuances of the term ”with cause.” Finally, Leach has a well-documented thing for pirates. Can you imagine how much he’d fun he’d have in an eye patch?

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former raider fan said...

cable aint going anywhere? cant you guys see al davis wants to see how many high #1 picks he can get and still suck!